Uraño // BNSU


Uraño and BNSU lands in AI's Catalog with a noise split that reaches the perfection of loudness. The release explores the bowels of noise, deconstructing assimilation and expressing existential discomfort.

Both sides are full of dynamism and mixed with unclassical rock noise element across more layers of noise and electronics, bringing the work into a new level of expression, that emerges in a vortex of high frequencies and harsh sounds.

The groove of BNSU and the depth of Uraño accompany each other in a cultural and sound symbiosis, the perfect expression of an inter-European musical movement that finds its maximum potential in their infernal live sets.

Both bands represent the potential of modern noise music in their own way, through a contemporary yet classicist approach, which recalls the first industrial movement without neglecting innovative elements and new sound expressions.

  • Date: 2023-04-01
  • Format: digital, Tape
  • Label: Autonoma Industriale
  • Cat #: AI10
  • Mix: Jonatan Uranes (Uraño side)
  • Master: Jonatan Uranes (Uraño side)
  • Artwork: Bomi