What a great release party we had yesterday! Many thanks to Autonoma Industriale and BNSU for collaborating with us. We brought some tapes back to Copenhagen. You can listen to the release here: AI Bandcamp

My name is Jonatan Uranes. I'm a noisemaker currently based in Copenhagen, where I run a small independent harsh noise label called nofigore. I am currently involved in projects like Uraño, Ymse Impro, Statoil, Indre Sunnmøre Støylag, I\U, AUTOEATER, Anorektum, HYPERSECRETION.

I have interest in DIY-culture, free(libre) software, minimalist computing, decentralism and electronics. I don't like the professionalisation of art and music. I don't like comfy stuff and I like stupidly loud sounds.

Don't hesitate sending me an email:
jonatura93 [at] gmail [dot] com.


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